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5/12/16: Plattsmouth, NE, by Doug Rishel:

Overall winner and 2016 State Champion River City Bass Club Team Captain, Dave McCoy captured the title for the 2016 Nebraska Nation Qualifier at Grand Lake of the Cherokees May 3-5, 2016. This is not a new thing for the BASS PRO SHOPS pro, he won this same event in 2004. Dave quoted how upon his arrival into camp (River City stays at the Tera Miranda Resort) that the lake and conditions were almost identical to the 2004 event. Dave told the club at Saturday night dinner this was going to be a memorable tournament...

Dave sacked 40.97 pounds of green fish over three days. Here is the PG-13 version of how he did it:

    Day one: Dave said his first two spots he stopped at were full of Nebraska boats, so he pointed his Charger to the dam, and fished clear water in that area. He threw an unnamed jerkbait, and BPS Stick-Os. He had his limit by 8:30. On his way back to Wolf Creek, he stopped in dirtier water at mid-lake and culled up with a 4-pounder.

    Day two: Dave started day two at the spot where he caught the four pounder, again throwing BPS Stick-Os, and unnamed jig, and a Terminator Buzzbait. He had his limit by 8:30.

    Day three: Dave returned to the same general area as day two, but threw the buzzbait and Stick-O at buck brush and boat docks, again filling his limit by 8:30.

Dave said on day three, his Co had three in the box before he had a bite. Dave had to fight off the mind-melt and went to a new cove and ended up catching all his fish in under an hour. In this period, Dave shared an amusing story of quietly fishing up to two elderly locals working on a boat dock; Dave threw his buzzbait past them, and started his retrieve. One of the gentlemen very loudly to the other said, “Did you see that big spider fall out of that tree? It is running on the water!” The second man said, “It is a lure, the fisherman is behind you.” Everyone laughed as Dave pulled away.

Dave said he never lost a fish. He attributes that to his use of XPS Fluorocarbon and BPS-brand line.

Dave told me, Grand Lake is his favorite tournament of all the Nebraska State Qualifiers! He also said once you get to a Regional, you have got to do everything you can do to get back to a Regional, and he attributes his desire and drive to do well [win] for this win. (The week before State, Dave had just returned from the Guntersville Regional, where he was the number one Nebraska finisher; now waiting to represent our State in the Federation Nation Nationals, sometime later this year!)

Dave also took a minute to praise his River City teammates. Over the last three State Qualifiers, River City has a third, a second, and now a first place – Dave always knew the club would get to the top! River City was able to get four members on the Regional team! Dave also congratulates Nate Diamond, Co-angler division winner on a job well done.

In parting, I would like to congratulate Dave, Nate and River City, thank the Tournament Staff for inviting me to be part of the process, and now I am secretly working to obtain some of those “Spider” Buzzbaits...

5/9/16: Dave McCoy, of River City Bass Club, wins [Overall and Boater division] State (on Grand Lake 'O' the Cherokees on May 1-5, 2016) with over 40+ pounds!  Nate Diamond (of Big Water Bass) takes the Co-Angler division with 26+ pounds. You can click here to view or download the Final Results.

Here are (some of) the photos of the winning boaters, Co's, and team:



State Champions - River City Bass Club:

5/7/16: NE State Qualifier (Grand Lake) Results Day 1 & 2 & 3:
04/19/16: chILD flyer and entry form are posted in the Downloadable Resources Area.
02/28/16: State entry forms and 2016 Rules are posted on the Tournament page.
02/08/16: State Tournament forms are due to Russ on or before March 19!
02/4/16: Due to the amount of snow we got this week, the brushing project that was scheduled for this Saturday the 6th, has been cancelled.
01/11/16: Newest "Angler" [Jan 16] is posted in the "The Angler" Newsletter section.
01/11/16: Blue Valley Blast Off is scheduled for March 19.  Click here to view the flyer.
01/11/16: The next State Director's meeting will be April 10, 2016, at 10:00 AM, at the usual Grand Island meeting location.
12/18/15: This year's NASCAR Winner is Mike Risher from Utica Ne. The club that sold the winning ticket was Blue Valley out of Seward.
10/21/15: Dates for State have changed:

            Practice: May 1 & 2
            Tournament: May 3-4-5
            Banquet: May 5



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