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April Director's Meeting

April 13th, 2014

Grand Island, NE


2014 NBF State Tournament

April 27th & 28th, 2014 (practice)

 April 29th - May 1st, 2014 (tournament)


2014 NBF Open Tournament

Francis Case Lake, SD

May 31st, 2014


July Director's Meeting

July 13th, 2014

Grand Island, NE


2014 NBF Mr. Bass Tournament

August 1st, 2014 (practice)

August 2nd, 2014 (tournament)

Lake to be announced to participants close to time of the tournament.


October Director's Meeting

October 12th, 2014

Grand Island, NE




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Dan Bowlin


Nebraska BASS lost a valuable, long-time member and a great friend. Dan always had a smile on his face and was one of the very best anglers in the Federation. He passed away while attending the State Tournament at the Lake of the Ozarks. We hope he would have thought if you had to go, you should go while doing something you truly love. Dan will be missed and our hearts and prayers go out to Dan's family and friends.



2014 Nebraska BASS Federation State Tournament


Table Rock Lake, MO - April 27th - May 1st, 2014

Entry form deadline is March 23rd, 2014.  Off limits will be midnight April 20th, 2014 until safe light April 27th, 2014. Proof of insurance for boaters will still be required (minimum of $300,000 of general liability), but insurance papers will not need to be sent in with club's entry forms. Random checks will be made at meetings, so please have your boat insurance paperwork with you if you are a boater in the tournament.

Entry fees, banquet fees, and other optional entry fees are shown on the entry forms.

Click here to download the entry form.

Click here to download the team worksheet.



2013 Nebraska BASS Mr. Bass Tournament

(posted August 21st, 2013)

Norton Lake - August 3rd, 2013


 Dead   Big
1st Dennis Kotas
(Milligan Bass)
4 4   5.22 13.50
2nd Tom King
(Lincoln Co. Bassmasters)
4 4     9.78
3rd Nick Ash
(Mid-West Bass Anglers)
4 4     7.36
4th  Dennis Nichols
(Willow Rippers)
4 4     7.34
5th Jason Citta
(Hidden Valley Bass Club)
4 4     7.24
6th Justin Kohl
(Queen City Bassmasters)
4 4     7.16
7th Bryan Adams
(River City Bass Club)
4 4   1.92 7.14
8th Andy Cochrane
( Ft. Kearney)
3 3     5.42
9th Don Switzer
2 2     4.12
10th Lee Wubbles
(Great Plains)
2 2   2.20 3.96
11th Rich West
(Sarpy Co.)
2 2     3.86
12th Dave Fuhr
(Platte Valley Bassmasters)
2 2 3.62
13th Lee Cooper
(Douglas County)
1 1   2.40 2.40
14th David Padgett
(Big Water Bass)
1 1     1.94
15th Phil Tinnell
(Omaha Bass Anglers)
1 1     1.84
16th Terry Allen
(Brutal Bassin)
1 1     1.78
17th David Abler
(Norfolk Bassmasters)
1 1     1.64
18th Jeremy Rasmussen
(Blue Collar Bass Club)
1 1     1.62
19th Corkey Hagemoser
(Blue Valley Bass)
0 0     0.00
19th Jeff Mumm
(Twin Rivers Bass Club)
0 0     0.00
19th Doyle Helmink
(Lincoln Bass Club)
0 0     0.00
TOTALS 45 45 0 91.72


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Pat Klausen Wins 2013 State Tournament

Lake of the Ozarks, MO - April 16-18, 2013

Pat Klausen


Pat Klausen of Big Water Bass club came in on day 2 with a 5 bass limit weighing 19.94 lbs. Pat was one of only 2 anglers to catch a limit on the second day and the only angler in the field to have a limit both days. Pat ended up with a two day total of 37.00 lbs.  David Padgett, also of Big Water Bass finished 2nd with 30.16 lbs. and Nick Ash of Midwest Bass Anglers finished third with 29.74 lbs.

The third day was cancelled Thursday morning after a great deal of deliberation.  Missouri Water Patrol recommended it was unsafe to launch and that even more threatening weather was on the way.  Although some anglers were happy about the decision and others were more than a little upset, it was the right decision to cancel the final day. Tournament officials announced the cancellation under the covered dock at PB2 during a very hard downpour after a couple of hours of waiting it out.

In the team standings, it was all Big Water Bass, bringing in 39 fish for a total weight of 122.08 lbs.  Big Water Bass won the team competition by over 40 lbs. and took home 1st place in the team calcutta. Great Plains finished 2nd with 21 bass weighing 79.52 lbs. and River City Bass finished 3rd with 22 bass weighing 76.04 lbs.

Big bass went to Tom King of the Lincoln County Bassmasters with an 8.72 lbs. giant he caught on day 1. Day 2 big bass went to Rick Riley of River City Bass with a 6.42 pounder. Since there was no day 3 big bass, both anglers took home a very sizeable check.


Tom King

Big Bass - 8.72 lbs.

Day 1 Results

Kenny Wasmund of Great Plains Bass Club leads after day one of the state tournament with a 5 fish limit weighing 20.20 lbs.  Anglers were faced with some cold weather all day long and rough fishing for a large portion of the field with 57 anglers (out of 157) catching no keepers.

Big bass for day one was caught by Tom King of the Lincoln County Bassmasters with a big 8.72 pounder.  Big Water Bass leads in the club standings with a one day total of 66.04 lbs. (22 bass).  Great Plains is a close second with 65.30 lbs. and Milligan Bassmasters is trailing in third with 42.76 lbs.

Top 15, after day 2 - FINAL RESULTS

1. Pat Klausen,

Big Water Bass, 10 bass, 37.00 lbs.

2. David Padgett,

Big Water Bass, 8 bass, 30.16 lbs.

3. Nick Ash,

Midwest Bass Anglers, 8 bass, 29.74 lbs.

4. Yancey Hartzer,

Willow Rippers, 8 bass, 26.04 lbs.

5. Brad Samualson,

Great Plains, 6 bass, 24.58 lbs.

6. Jerry Pape,

F.U.N., 6 bass, 22.46 lbs.

7. Lee Wubbles,

Great Plains, 6 bass, 21.96 lbs.

8. Roger Coleman,

Milligan Bass Anglers, 8 bass, 21.64 lbs.

9. Duane Hanzlik,

Blue Valley Bass Club, 5 bass, 21.42 lbs.

10. Kenny Wasmund,

Great Plains, 5 bass, 20.20 lbs.

11. Jason Boswell,

N.V.B., 6 bass, 19.20 lbs.

12. Rick Riley,

River City Bass, 4 bass, 19.08 lbs.


13. Hunter King,

Lincoln County Bassmasters, 7 bass, 19.04 lbs.

14. Dave McCoy,

River City Bass, 6 bass, 18.42 lbs.

15. Rob Hime,

Big Eight Bassin', 5 bass, 18.36 lbs.

Top 15, after day 1

1. Kenny Wasmund,

Great Plains, 5 bass, 20.20 lbs.

2. Brad Samualson,

Great Plains, 5 bass, 19.62 lbs.

3. Lee Wubbles,

Great Plains, 5 bass, 19.52 lbs.

4. Rob Hime,

Big Eight Bassin, 5 bass, 18.36 lbs.

5. Nick Ash,

Midwest Bass Anglers, 5 bass, 17.46 lbs.

6. Pat Klausen,

Big Water Bass, 5 bass, 17.06 lbs.

7. Jason Boswell,

N.V.B., 5 bass, 16.52 lbs.

8. David Padgett,

Big Water Bass, 4 bass, 15.54 lbs.

9. Yancey Hartzer,

Willow Rippers, 5 bass, 15.42 lbs.

10. Richard Risewick,

Milligan Bass Anglers, 4 bass, 14.90 lbs.

11. Doyle Helmink,

Lincoln Bass Club, 4 bass, 14.66 lbs.

12. Jared Knuth,

Hidden Valley Bassmasters, 3 bass, 14.54 lbs.

12. Roger Coleman,

Milligan Bass Anglers, 5 bass, 14.54 lbs.


14. Jerry Pape,

F.U.N., 4 bass, 14.28 lbs.

15. Shawn Holly,

Big Water Bass, 5 bass, 13.68 lbs.


Click here for complete individual standings (thru Day 2 - Final Results)

Click here for complete team standings (thru Day 2 - Final Results) 


Click here for complete individual standings (thru Day 1)

Click here for complete team standings (thru Day 1)



Bassmaster Open Tournaments Looking for Co-Anglers

(posted February 13th,, 2013)


We are continuing to look for more co-anglers to fish the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens. We still have some availability for co-anglers in the Central and Northern Opens. The Southern events are nearly full and waiting list only for both pros and co-anglers. However, we will most likely take some co-anglers off the waiting list to fill some spots based on cancellations. We are confident that as we approach each event the numbers will continue to grow. But, we are hoping to get those interested co-anglers signed up soon so we can move pros off the waiting list and into the tournament. Many of the pros are getting anxious and may look at other options if we cannot guarantee them a spot.

As you know, the co-angler division of the Bass Pro Sops Bassmaster Opens is a great opportunity for tournament anglers to get involved in a regional atmosphere both honing their skills as an angler and creating a better understanding of multi day events and the Opens, before just jumping into the pro mix. I see a number of B.A.S.S. Nation and College anglers fishing the co-angler division for year or two and then take the next step to the pro division. Also, with a $425 entry fee and the fact that you don’t necessarily need to invest in a boat and cost of practice days on the water it can be a very affordable way to compete, cash a check for one of the Top 40 places we pay, and perhaps even win a $25,000 boat.

Here is a link to the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open homepage where prospective anglers can get more information - http://www.bassmaster.com/open (registration, payout and format info on the right side). Also, I welcome any of the B.A.S.S. Nation members and College Bass anglers to contact me with questions they might have. Please feel free to share with any that may be interested or have memberships that they might want to share it with.



Chris Bowes

Senior Tournament Manger




ScoutLook Release Free Fishing Weather App

(posted February 13th,, 2013)


BIRMINGHAM, Ala.— Bassmaster Magazine and Bassmaster.com, the industry-leading fishing magazine and website, have joined forces with www.scoutlookweather.com, the only major U.S. weather service owned and operated solely by fishermen and hunters, to release a powerful new fishing-specific weather app for Android and iPhone markets.

The move to create a free mobile app was spurred by the overwhelming need of fishermen worldwide to have better mobile weather tools that integrate maps, solunar, wind and other information to facilitate planning and help catch more fish.

“Bassmaster is delighted to offer this feature-rich app to every fisherman, regardless of whether they are chasing bass or any other species of game fish. ScoutLook has become the go-to weather resource for outdoorsmen, and this app will help deliver on Bassmaster’s key goal to help people catch more and bigger fish,” said Bruce Akin, CEO of B.A.S.S.

The Bassmaster Fishing Weather App, found at http://www.scoutlookweather.com/mobileApps.php, simplifies planning for professional and recreational anglers alike by merging world-class weather information, wind mapping, solunar times, tides and moon, and hourly barometric changes all in one free app.

Fishermen who wish to add logging capability to these key tools can download the Bassmaster/ScoutLook Fishlog app (http://www.scoutlookweather.com/mobileApps.php), which includes all the functions of the basic app, plus a simple logging tool. Catch a fish, snap a photo, and capture all weather conditions at the moment and time of the catch automatically.

The Fishlog app, available for a one-time fee of $3.99, enables the user to edit, manage, view and sort logs online at www.scoutlookweather.com. Export logs to Excel, or sort by any weather or moon condition, lure type or water condition, to see what works best, as well as when and why those are optimum conditions.

The new free app displays a map with the user’s precise position and weather conditions. With ScoutLook’s unique DriftPoint Wind Map users can “see the wind” for up to 72 hours at any fishing location for optimal planning.

FishMarX is a GPS marking tool used while on the water to save important points of interest. Return to the exact places, or check the weather before heading back. Save beds, boat launches, buoys, channels, creek mouths, drop-offs, gravel, flats, mangrove holes, parking areas, rip tides, river/stream outlets, timber, trailheads, weed beds and more.

Any location saved on the app is stored and saved in a free online account at www.scoutlookweather.com.  To download the Bassmaster Fishing Weather app free for your Android or iPhone, visit http://www.scoutlookweather.com/mobileApps.php


Power Pole B.A.S.S. Nation Discount Program

(posted February 6th,, 2013)

Power Pole is now a sponsor of the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, which became effective January 1st, 2013.  They will be offering a discount to all members.

Club level members also qualify for discounts.  To receive your discounts you will have to complete the Pro-Staff application on their website at www.powerpole.com. Club level Presidents and Vice Presidents will receive 20% off, Tournament Directors will receive 15% off, and Members will receive 10% off which adds up to $150 to $200 off.  Club level members will complete their purchase through their endorsing dealer.

All discount levels apply to accessories and apparel throughout the year.  If you have any questions contact Curt Hill at (813) 689-9932 extension 2009 or via email at curtis@power-pole.com.  



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