Youth and College Program Information


4/25/23:  See above or click each item for link: 2023 High School Tournament Flyer.../... HS RULES.../...HS ENTRY FORM...

4/25/23: See above or click the item: 2023 College Tournament Flyer.../... College Entry Form...


1/13/23: See CAST for KIDS photos posted at <here> to see mention of the NE BASS Nation sponsored event at Wanahoo (~slide #29).  Look <here> for the next CAST for KIDS event in Nebraska.



6/15/22: Results from the College Championship:  click here.


5/10/22: Updates from Brett:

High School Rules Link to Form

High School Flyer link to form


4/4/22: C.A.S.T. For Kids Event info:

2022 CAST Event Fund Raising Form Lake Wanahoo

2022 Lake Wanahoo Volunteer Flyer

2022 Lake Wanahoo Participant Flyer

Link to CAST for Kids website.


1/11/22: Link to:

College Rules 2022

College 2022 Flyer

College Registration 2022